Brunch at Brooklyn Crab

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

When we arrived at Brooklyn Crab as a group of four adults and three kids, around 11:45 on Saturday morning, we were delighted to see that the large courtyard in front was empty enough for the kids to run around and play before we settled at our table. The fact that we got a table immediately was also a delight, because Brooklyn Crab does not take reservations. It does, however, offer some of the freshest and most sustainable seafood in NYC. It’s location, right on the New York Harbor in Red Hook, felt like a mini getaway for us.

Bringing the beach to BK

The space resembles a three level beach crab shack with open air and covered decks, patios, and even a sandbox and a little miniature golf course in the back! There are at least four bars throughout the place, and soft serve ice cream is served in the back by the miniature golf course and sandbox; so grab an Adirondack chair post meal, crack open a cold one and let the kids play.

Backyard complete with bars, bbqs, mini golf, sandbox, and more

Would you like some mini golf with your crab legs?

The course continued all the way to the sandbox

Boardwalk or Brooklyn Crab? There was also an old fashioned photo booth!

We sat in the dining area on the upper level, where the views were beautiful; sailboats, helicopters, and even the Statue of Liberty were all on view. The food was as advertised; very fresh and delicious. We all shared calamari as the adults sipped beers, Micheladas, and a Strawberry Bourbon Smash. The kids also picked at a wedge salad and some croutons in the house salad. My crab cake entrée was full of lump crab meat, lightly toasty on the outside, and both crab cakes were large. The corn salad that came on the side was just as fresh and flavorful. Curious G shared lobster mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and a hot dog with her buddy. She nibbled on some steamed crab legs from our friend’s steamer basket as well. Curious G’s daddy’s soft shell crab sandwich was tasty, and came with a stack of kettle chips.

Dining on the Upper Deck

open sky views

We'll take another round

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Fresh Catch

As we enjoyed our seafood, the perfectly framed view of Fairway Supermarket was beckoning. As fate would have it, I forgot to order Amazon Fresh this week so we loaded up on groceries after brunch. It was right across the street.

Fairway awaits

We have so many outdoor dining options (like Nowadays ) on our summer list to try, but we will definitely return with friends to this fun spot!

This actually took place right after we arrived. There was a party going on in this space after we ate.

Until next time!

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