The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze: A Visual Diary

The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze sells out almost every year for good reason. It is a spectacular experience akin to elaborate large displays of Christmas lights. However, in this case the stunning displays are constructed of 7,000 Jack O'Lanterns. By the time I went to the website to buy tickets in mid September, most of the earlier time slots on the weekends were sold out. Therefore, I purchased tickets for the 6:30 pm time slot on Columbus Day, when Curious G had the day off. As we pulled into the parking lot of Van Cortlandt Manor, the Jack O'Lantern arch elicited squeals of delight that turned into screams of excitement. C.G. could not contain herself! As we made our way through the array of illuminated displays, our excitement level never died down.

The Pumpkin Planetarium

I could have stood under here all night, staring at the stars as they changed colors

Enter the dragon

The carousel wins for best soundtrack. The music changed with each scene!

Spooky castle

Halloween style stained glass windows

Lady Liberty in lights

The "Pumpkin Zee Bridge"...another NY landmark


Luminescent sunflowers

This windmill changed from pink... blue

'Til next year!

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