Wave Hill is a Hidden Gem

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Art, gorgeous flowers, a stunning waterfront view, and hands-on art projects seem to be a running theme in Curious G’s life. Wave Hill delivered all of these elements rolled into a relaxing Saturday when we visited last weekend. This 28-acre public garden and cultural center was on my hit list for the past two years, and every Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 1pm they host Family Art Project; so to Wave Hill we went! Luckily we made it there slightly before noon and did not have to pay admission (free admission is offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9am- noon; otherwise adults are $8 and children over 5 are $4). They also provide free shuttle service from the Riverdale Metro-North station as well as the 242nd St station for the 1 train.

Does this look like NYC to you?

After checking in for the Family Art Project, which is held every weekend in the Wave Hill House, we learned that the project of the day was fish lanterns constructed of colorful paper bags and other assorted ornamental materials. After constructing the fish, we went to the finishing station where a staff member attached the fish to a stick of our choice with a colorful piece of yarn. Being the subversive rebel that she is, Curious G decided to make an octopus instead of a fish. We were very impressed with the array of fun art projects displayed throughout the art project room, as well as the wooden puppet theater in the adjacent room.

The Café is conveniently located in the Wave Hill house, so we grabbed lunch there and ate on the patio in the back.

Octopus masterpiece complete

Love these turtle backpacks

Puppets are provided along with this puppet theater, but Curious G wanted her octopus to be the star of the show

So many cacti to touch on the patio while waiting for lunch

Post lunch stroll

After lunch, we walked over to the Conservatory, where we enjoyed the beauty of the tropical greenhouse and the fascinating variety in the cactus greenhouse. The flower garden outside of the conservatory was a prime spot for spotting butterflies among the greenery and bright pops of colorful blooms.

Conservatory from this angle...

...conservatory from that angle

Angel: Look but don't touch. Listen to mommy and daddy...Devil: Pick everything in sight and stick your fingers into all the soil

The Pergola, to us, is the centerpiece of Wave Hill. Gazing out at the beautiful view of the Hudson River was a marvelous experience in and of itself. Curious G also enjoyed weaving in and out of the path, spotting fuzzy bees, and studying the variety of leaves growing all around the pergola.

Endless beauty

We ended our visit at the Glyndor Gallery and Sunroom Project Space, where works inspired by nature and environmental causes, are thoughtfully displayed.

Even the bathroom in the Glyndor Gallery is photo-worthy; notice the pattern of tree carvings on the wallpaper

Paradise by Priyanka Dasgupta and Chad Marshall

I think this was her favorite...

...although this one made her dance

Wave Hill will be a feast for the eyes when autumn’s golden colors start to appear. We would love to return for another Family Art Project and take some more time to stroll along the walking trails.

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