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The Things I'm Using to Get through January (and the Rest of this Winter)

You’ve read about Curious G’s favorite holiday gifts, and now it’s Mama’s turn! I am thankful to my friends and family who generously gave me some useful gifts, and I recommend all of these things to get you through the winter with style and a touch of good health and wellness to sprinkle on top! I am a pretty low maintenance person, and these things provide a quick and easy way to look and feel put together. They are also relatively easy on the wallet! Skin, hair, boots, fitness, and art are all covered in this list.

I have posted about this dryer before in my Instagram stories and it is because it's a game changer. I usually air dry my hair when the temperature is not freezing, and I actually like the natural texture of my hair. BUT. After 15 minutes of drying my hair with this, I was walking around flipping my hair like I was in a Pantene commercial. The genius of this product is that it's an oval hair brush that blows your hair out like a dryer. So, it's faster than using a brush/dryer combo, and so much easier. The price is also only slightly more than the cost of one salon blowout at only $59.99!

If you haven't jumped onto the facial oil wagon yet, now's the time to make that leap. It's a winter must. I have posted about my love for Herbivore’s Orchid oil before on Instagram. The smell is quite lovely and I feel like I can put it on my face (I squeeze a few drops directly onto my face before spreading it, rather than rubbing a few drops between my hands and “patting” it into my face) and leave the apartment without any make up on because it imparts a nice glow. I usually layer it under my moisturizer in the winter time, and in the summer time I use it alone (with sunblock, of course). I was thrilled to see this trio, which gives me the chance to try the Lapis and Phoenix oils as well.

I was so thrilled to receive these booties, which my mother had given to me for Christmas, because they are neutral enough to pair with a variety of looks; and they are also super practical with a kitten heel. I will be adding these to my winter sweater and jeans uniform when I want to look a little more put together. They also pair well with a midi or maxi skirt and sweater combo. The price is unbeatable, especially because you will be wearing them all over town because they are SO comfortable. I got the natural embossed snakeskin, but they also come in black leather and brick embossed snakeskin.

So technically, I gifted these to myself. They were a post-Thanksgiving/birthday gift, and quite frankly I am obsessed with them. People have gone out of their way to compliment them and ask me about them. I sent my friend a photo of them and her co-workers all immediately bought them. They look amazing with everything and elevate just about any outfit because they look so sleek. They are a subtle take on the cowboy boot trend, which will last well into next season and the season after that because they are a more classic style. I have been wearing them with cropped jeans, straight-leg jeans, skinny jeans, and dresses. And, I must mention; I got both the black leather and the tan suede. At this price, it was no biggie and they look like they cost at least twice as much.

My aunt-in-law generously gifted me a Whitney membership, along with some really killer fashion themed coffee table books. This gift is so layered with things that I love that I may have to crown it as “gift of the year” if there were ever such a title. Anyway, if you are ever looking for a unique gift idea I highly recommend a museum membership. For someone who visits museums quite often, it’s really worthwhile to be able to bypass long lines to get in, to have access to fun member events and previews, and to receive discounts to retail and dining options available throughout the museum. If you have read some of my previous posts, including this one that includes kid friendly options then you know that Curious G and I took great advantage of the free memberships available via ID NYC this summer. Unfortunately, the Whitney was not one of the participating museums. But this gift more than made up for that! BTW, Whitney members also get discounts from participating vendors, and the list is astounding; think 20% off from Madewell and Diane Von Furstenberg, AND discounted parking AND discounts at all of those amazing restaurants in the neighborhood AND discounts at the Dream Hotel. There are too many vendors to list, so check them out here.

Alas, the gift of health and fitness is always welcome in my book. My mother gave me a class pass gift certificate last Christmas, and it gave me a great start to the new year. I rediscovered my love for pilates, tried a few HIIT classes (love them, but ultimately not great for someone with back issues like me), went to many Physique 57 classes (also love but, again, back issues), and dabbled with TRX (very effective). This year, Papa Curious G gifted me with a Class Pass gift card, and I am passing this gift onto you! Use the this link to get a free month. You will probably discover, like me, how fun it is to be able to try a variety of different classes with class passes. You will probably love, like me, the lack of commitment and the discount that comes along with taking classes via Class Pass. This year, I hope to try a new boxing class and a choreography-heavy dance class. That is, if I don’t use all my credits on my favorite pilates studio.

Want to know which pilates studio is my favorite? Leave your questions about classpass, and any other questions in the comments below!

What were your favorites this year? Tell me in the comments below!

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